Acai Berry Diet - Read Christine's Shocking Results

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acai berryNews 6 Reporter, Reports on the Acai Berry and Colon Diet
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Is Acai Berry a secret weight loss drug or is it just another online scam? The evidence makes it very difficult to really be sure especially when the Internet is so full of stories that boast of the wonders of the Acai—they vary from testimonials from people who achieved weight loss success to doctors’ scientific justifications. The latter makes it very difficult to make an honest assessment about the truth of these online claims. Instead of trying to distinguish the facts from the marketing efforts, News 6 took matters into their own hands and chose to conduct their own study using one of their own as a guinea pig. Here is Christine’s story and her results.
Christine`s Story
I chose to be a guinea pig for this story because I wanted to test the product for myself and my Internet audience figuring any weight loss I achieved in the process would be frosting on the cake so to speak. The one thing I didn’t want to face during this study was products with dangerous side effects or memberships to online weight loss programs that would spam me to no end and maybe scam me out of some cash. My fear and concern for either of these happening is the reason I applied for a free trial bottle of the SO Berry. In spite of the abundance of advertisements for Acai supplements, SO Berry (Delivers better results then the known Lean Spa) is a very credible and trustworthy supplier. I made sure I read everything on the website, and SO Berry did not have anything that even hinted I would be bombarded with unwanted and expensive membership. In addition it is one of the most concentrated Acai Berry product available which probably makes it the safest and most powerful Acai weight loss product that is available online. At least this is the conclusion I drew from the information I obtained and the reason I chose this Acai Berry product for my study.